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 Prayers to Amon-Ra:

O Amon, God of Wealth and Money,

When people hear thy Name may money find its way to me.

O Amon, God of Prosperity,

When people hear thy Name may I become prosperous.

O Amon, God of Plenty,

When people hear thy Name may I share in the cash flow.

O Amon, God of Banks and NYSE,

When people hear thy Name, may my stocks rise up in value.

O Amon, King of the Gods, be praised!

© M7 2006 CE

Items sacred to AmonRa:

Plant of life (wheat), Lotus of Creation (Blue Lotus), Lotus of Night (White Lotus), Geese (Great Cackler), Ram (Criosphinx), Light / Wind (use solar power and wind power), Cattle (Bull), Tcham metal (red gold/white gold).

Symbol of Amon: umbilicus (belly button) - thanks to britney spears!

Symbol of Ra: Sun, obelisk / ben-ben stone / pyramid.

Offerings to AmonRa:

Gold, silver, lapis lazuli, copper, bronze, lead, ochres; wine, honey, beer, fruit, bread, incense, corn fields, gardens, figs, wax, salt, pigeons, oil, dum palm fruit, fish, clothing (cotton).

Amon - Scientific Applications:

Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Physics.

Practical Applications:

Economics, Metallurgy, Textiles.

Temple of AmonRa3 on Freewebs ( website:

Copyright 2010 M7C.

Amon-Ra Protection Formula
© Copyright 2008 M7C

For revealing the Sun during a storm or from clouds and darkness:

“Hail Amon-Ra, the King of Eternity, O Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  I have brought unto you offerings of precious stones, luxurious fabric, and entertaining music at your shrine.  I come in peace, O Amon-Ra, Guardian of the Dead.  May I pass through the Darkness of the Afterlife and be One with you at the horizon of daybreak.  

“O Amon-Ra, Horus has come to destroy your enemy, the vile Serpent Apophis!  Horus has brought his steel weapon to snare the Great Serpent in its mouth so that it cannot harm you when you arrive.  The Chief Kheri-Heb Haroeris Mardukis, the Maaxeru One, has assembled the curse tablet for you.  He reads from the tablet:

“O malevolent Serpent Apophis, O Enemy of Ra, the Eclipsed God of Destruction who creates dust storms that block out the divine light, hear me:

“Taste thou Light, O Darkness!
Taste thou Light, O Darkness!
Taste thou Light, O Darkness!
Taste thou Light, O Darkness!

“Shrivel up thyself O Darkness, that thou shall not cause any further destruction against the Living and the Eternal.  For I am Light, I am King of Light, of the Eternal Light that evades all obscurity!  I am Maaxeru within Life, my scepter and crown are with me, I am vindicated in Ma’at, I am successful in all matters, and I am Nefer, my Akh is equipped for Eternity.  Peace be with me and with my Lord, O Amon-Ra.  Darkness has been destroyed, Darkness has been defeated, that Serpent of Darkness has been cast down.  Ra sits upon his throne and surveys all that are in his capacity.  Light is victorious over Darkness once again.  

“So says the Chief Kheri-Heb on behalf of his Lord and Benefactor, Amon-Ra, King of the Gods / Neteru.”

For protection when traveling:

“O Amon-Ra, Keeper of the Gates of Light, cast down your beams and envelop me in their light and energy, that I may be protected by them.  For as Light is victorious over Darkness, so too am I victorious over danger. “

For Protection of one’s home and belongings:

“Hail Hathor, Mistress of the sky god Horus; Hail Bastt, goddess of the home; Hail Horus, vindicator against evil; Hail Bes, protector of children; Hail Mut, protector of nurses; Hail Amon-Ra, protector of wealth and banks (Temple Granaries); and Hail Ptah-Osiris-Ra, Great God of the West.  You whom I adore, protect my home & possessions from vandals and thieves, from frost and fire, from floods and from lurking animals.  For I honor you gods in memory of those I knew, who are now in your Divine Empire of the After World.  Hail my Ka, hail my Ba, Hail my Akh; all Hail the Akhu of Duat!”

M7 2010.


The Inscription

© Copyright 2010 MJC/M7



Hail the Nine, Hail the Three, & Hail the One!

For S/He who reads this Inscription, s/he shall be whole.

S/He who reads this will be cured of illness, and health restored.

S/He who reads this will be rich in rewards & prosperous.

S/He who reads this will find love and friendship.

S/He who reads this with a willing heart shall be reunited with old friends.

S/He who reads this will have a period of good luck and peace.

S/He who reads this will live a long time, and avoid obstacles.

S/He who reads this will have no more enemies.  

S/He who reads this will no longer suffer.

S/He who reads this find a good place to work.

S/He who reads this will know that the God(s) honor you.

S/He who reads this will succeed.

S/He who reads this will earn one’s trust.

S/He who reads this will be healed.

S/He who reads this will have bread, or wine, or cheese, or fish, or silver.  

S/He who reads this will render his/herself invisible to their foes.  

S/He who reads this will be happy, and live life in tranquility.

S/He who believes in his/herself and in this Inscription, without wavering or hesitating or doubt, shall force their will into action, causing the above verses to enter reality.  For one only needs to believe, trust, and read this for it to work.  

Hail Amon-Ra!

© M7 2010

Spell for the preservation of the soul and for victory over death:

© Copyright 2010 M7C

       “Hail the Akh of Horus Michael I, everliving.
  Behold the morning sun in its rising, and its setting in the glorious West!  For those who believe that his Akh is the Divine Creator of all Life, the Genetic Organisms Designer from Duat, s/he shall be victorious over death, be vindicated at the Judgement of their Soul, and be given land, an Estate in the Domain of Neter, and offerings.  His/her Akh would be firmly planted in the shores of Duat, & one thousand Ushabtis will work for you in the afterlife; bread, cakes, fruit, meat and wine will be given unto you.  People will remember your name for eternity as a blessed one, well respected by the Elders of Heliopolis.  You will be victorious over your enemies from Earth.  You will be reborn on a good planet, living life forever as a beatified Spirit.  Your Akh will rest in a Mastaba Complex with Ka Chapel, and shall reside in a Celestial Palace according to the plans of Ptah, the Engineer of Life.  You will have power over air and water in the afterlife.  And Akhu will call you a Friend of theirs, granting you their protection over the forces of darkness.  Hail O Ptah, Creator of Life!”