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Tutankhamun Invocation

Hail unto thee O Pharaoh,
Golden mask found tomorrow,
With lapis eyes forged anew
Watching over the Egypt you once knew.

Who could say what they found
In that hole in the ground,
Was it gold or godly treasure
Or just a curse of thy measure?

Harken unto olden times
When words held such melodious rhymes,
The birds, the doves, the Ibis one
Worshipped in the temples done.

Hurried the plunderers took
Of God and Earth both were shook.
Gone are they whose stolen life,
Cannot yet find thy adoring wife.

How is thy golden lion?
Is he cursing over the fiends of Zion?
Those slaves that built up Pi-Ramses
And contained that famous, fabulous disease.

From rock and grain of sand they bare
Of ragged linen the commoners’ wear,
Do the excavators dig in relentless Sun,
Of conquests and cities thy spear hath won?

O Tutankhamun of Egypt’s glory
Has come amid the Pharaoh’s story,
For hence has arrived the enemy of Ra
In the form of a plunderer’s candelabra.

Lover of Life they say in the tavern
From Khafra’s lips to the smallest cavern.

No one knows what lies the people say
If in the end only they would pay.

Your death is a mystery to them
Of Brier and Budge and Zahi’s whim,
Only you know the asp you allowed
To bite through thy arm you shallowed.

Bob Brier says you were murdered!
Of Ay and Horemhab both conspired!
Does he know the truth you buried
In that tomb so quickly hurried?

From ducks and lions of thy hunting
People say you were bluffing,
Who can say a meager Pharaoh
Can conquer the jungles from that morrow?

Syrians, Nubians, and Hittites all
Who sang the praises from Pharaoh’s fall,
Did not win the battles of immortal hearts that be
Nor in the afterlife you promised me.

O sing the songs of the Neteru
From Narmer and Thutmose and old Khufu,
Who is the best king of late
Whom even Ankhesenamon could never hate?

Eternal life, golden couch, and offerings
Once laden with such finer things,
Given up on death’s steel floor
Never again will you deplore.

From Hatshepsut’s tomb we see
The Plan of Gods gone with thee,
Afterlife music channeled through air
Amid the songs sung in there.

Mummy’s Curse people say it was
That slew Carnarvon with Ammot’s jaws,
Or was it Fate in centuries told
Of Pharaoh’s wrath nine hundred fold?

O Pharaoh of the Golden Horus
Guardian of the Blue Lotus,
Eternity is yours to live
And the vengeance that the ancients they give.

We found but a small alabaster Chalice,
Not unlike one Cleopatra’s Palace,
And if the words spoke to your heart do shine
Mixed in magic and good wine.

Then you will conquer all your foes,
From rebirth unto next life’s woes,
And forever be the victory
Of Tutankhamon’s magical weaponry.

One more word must be said
So they never again could be dead,
Your fame, your words, your deeds do declare,
In eternity and immortality, in one newborn’s tear.

That you never died a mortal death,
For evermore you can saith,
Olden age once and reborn flower
Destroys all corruptible power.

Golden One of centuries’ dust
In one iron dagger’s rust,
When ceremony and pomp both do fail,
That thy reign always prevail.

© Copyright 2005-2010 MJC. /M7.


I wrote a book on King Tut called "Eye of the Pharaoh", Copyright 1990, 1995.

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