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  Temple Library

The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

The Amduat:

Books (.pdf) on Egyptian religion.

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.

Greek (Hermetic) Magical Papyri.

The Pyramid Texts.

The Liturgy of Funerary Offerings.

Liber 777 by A. Crowley (Magic).

Meditations by (Roman Emperor) Marcus Aurelius.

The Art of War by Sun Tsu.

Magick by A. Crowley (1-4).

Egyptian Priests & Temple Personnel

– (Complete Temples of AE by Richard Wilkinson, 2000 © ):
Rotating: (From top to bottom): [Part-time priests]:
1. Controller of those who serve in a Phyle
2. Inspector of Priests (half-Phyle), Overseers, & Supervisors
3. Assistants, Chantress, Henutet / Henuty (Servants)
4. 10 Hemu-Neter (Netjer) – “God’s servant”; Hemet-Neter (Priestess)
5. 10 Khentiu-she
6. Parasite Phyles
7. Heriu-Nesti (‘those who sit in my place’)

Permanent: (From top to bottom):
1. Lector Priests (Kheri-Heb, Kheri-Heb Tep), Sem Priests, Prophets
2. Purifiers – Uab Priests
3. Scribes, Divine Scribes
4. Laymen – Artisans, potters, pot-washers, handymen

Total: about 300 people per Temple.

Priest purifications:

1. Shave bodily hair

2. Trim nails

3. Perform daily & nightly washings (2x each)

4. Chew Natron for inner purity (Egyptian form of dental hygiene)

5. Circumcision

6. Wear clean linen clothing.  Although priests were not celibate, sexual intercourse rendered them unclean to perform sacred duties until purified (in Sacred Lake at Temple).

 [See Oxyrhynchus Papyrus].

AkhetSeason of Inundation (Flooding of Nile):
 First Month: New Years, Wag festival of Osiris, Festival of Departure of Osiris
 Festival of Thoth, Festival of Intoxication (Hathor)
 Second Month:  Festival of Ptah, South of his Wall (Memphis); Opet (Thebes);
 Third Month: Festival of Hathor (Edfu/Dendera)
 Fourth Month: Festival of Sokar, Festival of Sakhemet.

Peret Season of Growth
First Month: Festival of Nehebkau, Festival of the Coronation of the Sacred Falcon (Edfu); Festival of Min; Festival of the Departure of Mut.
Second Month: Festival of Victory (Edfu); Great Brand Festival.
Third Month: Small Brand Festival; Festival of Amonhotep
Fourth Month: Festival of Renenutet

Shemu – Season of Harvest
 First Month: Festival of Khonsu; Festival of the Departure of Min.
 Second Month: Beautiful Feast of the Valley (Thebes)
 Third Month: Festival of the Beautiful Meeting (Edfu/Dendera)
 Fourth Month: Festival of Ra-Horakhty, Festival of Opening of the Year.

Epagomenal Days: (5): [End of 360 days]:
 Festivals of Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis, & Nephthys. (Birthdays of the gods celebrated indicates that birthdays were also holidays to the Egyptians.  This happened around modern Christmas / Christ's Mass).